Enrollment/Payment Policy

Enrollment forms are available on the GEF Summer School website: www.gefsummerschool.org, at school sites, and at GEF Summer School office, 223 N. Jackson Street, Room 110, Glendale, CA 91206.

Due date is April 16. Students registering after that date will be enrolled if space is available.

Tuition must be paid in full at time of registration, and turned in at school sites, or the GEF Summer School office, at the above address. May also be mailed to GEF Summer School mailbox, 1125 E. Broadway, #356, Glendale, CA 91205. Payment may be made by personal check, money order, or cashier’s check and made payable to GEF Summer School Inc. Credit card payments may be made by using the PayPal “Donate Now” button on the GEF Summer School website, www.gefsummerschool.org, and attaching proof of payment to the registration form:

  • 1 semester/5 credits $285.00
  • 2 semesters/10 credits $570.00

For those students in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, subject to verification:

  • 1 semester/5 credits $235.00
  • 2 semesters/10 credits $470.00

*Note a service charge of $35.00 will be assessed for any returned check.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made upon request up to Monday, April 30, 2018. Since summer school staffing is predicated on enrollment, refunds after April 30 may be made only for verifiable emergencies and approved by the GEF Summer School.

There will be a $50.00 processing fee for refunds after April 30. In order to request a refund, you must speak to a representative of the GEF Summer School by calling (818) 247-0466.

Courses of insufficient enrollment will be cancelled and tuition for these students will be refunded in full.

Note: Students dismissed from school for disciplinary reasons will forfeit tuition. Students with more than 3 days of absence may not earn credit for the course, and also forfeit tuition.

Full Classes and Wait List Policies

When classes fill, students will be notified and placed in their second choice while remaining on the wait list of their first choice. Registration delays will result for students who do not provide a second choice on the registration form. Until a parent or guardian can be contacted the enrollment will be placed on hold. Tuition check will not be processed if a student is on a wait list.

Dates – Five-Week Summer School Program

Semester 1: June 11 – June 26

Semester 2: June 27 – July 13, July 4 is a holiday

Attendance Policy

All students must attend the first and the last day of their assigned Summer School class.  Any student not in attendance on the first day will be dropped in favor of a student on the wait list.  Finals are given on the final day of each semester; attendance is mandatory.


When enrolled for a full year, 5-week course, students are not allowed more than 3 days of absence, and no more than 2 days may be in any semester.  For students enrolled in single semester classes, students are not allowed more than one and one-half days of absence.  Students who exceed these absences will be dropped from class.


Two tardies constitute one half-day absence.  If a student is not in his/her seat when the bell rings, the student will be considered tardy.  It is possible to receive more than one tardy per day (at the beginning of the school day and after snack).  If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class, the student will be considered absent one-half day.

Behavior Policy

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a non-disruptive manner.  Teachers will send students who are disruptive to the office.  Parents will be contacted.  Being asked to leave class will be considered an absence.  If a student engages in behavior that would result in a school suspension during the school year, the student will be dropped from the summer school program.  These behaviors include but are not limited to fighting, theft, and vandalism. Students using or in possession of tobacco, drug, or alcohol will immediately be dropped from summer school.  Students who violate the law will be subject to legal action by the appropriate authorities.   Academic dishonesty will result in a student being dropped from summer school.  No refund will be given if a student is dropped because of a behavior issue.


Dress Code

Student should at all times be dressed in appropriate school attire.  Discretion of school personnel will prevail in determining appropriate summer school attire.  Should a student violate the dress code, parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing to school.  Time out of class will count as an absence.  Follow these guidelines:

  • Dress safely and appropriately for educational activities
  • Clothing must be neat, clean and not disruptive to the educational environment
  • Articles of clothing and jewelry cannot display profanity, gang symbols or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, violence, illegal activities, racial/ethnic/religious prejudice
  • Shoes must be worn
  • Revealing clothing is not permitted

Electronic Device Policy

No electronic devices may be used during class times. If a student has an electronic device out, a teacher or other staff member may confiscate the device.  Students can pick up confiscated devices from the GEF Summer School Principal’s office after school.  The first offense will count as a tardy.  The second electronic device violation results in a suspension from school.

Off Limits

All buildings not used for summer school will be closed and are off limits during summer school. Student lockers are not in use during summer school.  Students are required to stay on-campus during snack.


Students are responsible for the care of textbooks and any other materials issued to them.  Grades will not be issued until textbooks and materials are returned and any fine paid.

Grades and Transcripts

Glendale Unified School District Students:Grades will be electronically transferred to the home GUSD school unless the student and parent complete a form withholding the transfer of the grade. Forms are available at the GEF Summer School Registrar’s desk, and must be turned in by July 15, 2018. No refund is available.

Non Glendale Unified School District Students: In order for a grade to be transferred to the home school, the student and parent must complete a form requesting the transfer of the grade and providing the name and address of the home school to the GEF Summer School Registrar.

Withholding Grade from Transcript

Students may elect to have their summer school grade not appear on their transcript. This will mean that the class taken may not be considered ‘completed,’ no credit will be given, and it may not be used as a prerequisite for any sequence of classes. Withhold Grade form must be returned to the GEFSS office by July 23, 2018, 1:00 p.m. This action is final. No refund is given.

Dropping Summer School

Students who drop summer school must fill out a drop slip. Drop slips are located at the desk of the GEF Summer School Registrar, and on the GEF Summer School website, www.gefsummerschool.org. Parent, student, and teacher signatures are required. Drop slip must be turned in to the school office by June 25, 2018 for first semester, and July 10, 2018 for second semester. Textbooks must be returned. No refund is given. This action is final.

Nondiscrimination Policy

GEF Summer School, Inc. admits into its summer school program students of any race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the summer school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies or other programs it administers.


In the course of performing Services, the parties recognize that a teacher may come in contact with or become familiar with the personal and private information relating to the summer school students and families, summer school staff or the GEF Summer School, Inc. that may be consider confidential or private.  All such information is confidential and may not be divulged to anyone other than appropriate GEF Summer School, Inc. personnel or their designees.