Summer School 2019 Dates

1st Semester – June 17 to July 2

2nd Semester – July 3 to July 19

July 4 is a Holiday

Summer School 2019 Tuition

$570 for 10 Units

$285 for 5 Units

Reduced Rate for Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunch:

$470 for 10 Units

$235 for 5 Units

High School, Summer School Course Offerings

High School Classes:

Biology 1,2 (plus $10 lab fee)

Ceramics 1,2 at CVHS only (plus $30 materials fee)

Chemistry 1,2

Economics (1 semester)

Government (1 semester)

Health (1 semester)

Spanish 5,6

US History 1,2

World History 1,2

Enrichment Classes:

Get Ready for Middle School Math (for current 6th grade students)

At Glendale High and Crescenta Valley High Schools, June 17-July 2, and July 3 – July 19

8-10:30 a.m.  $150 tuition.

PDF IconGet Ready for Middle School Math Flyer

PDF IconGet Ready for Middle School Math Registration Form

Summer Theater Camp (for current 2nd through 7th grade students)

At Crescenta Valley High School only, June 17-July 2, 8-10:30 a.m., $150 plus $10 materials fee

PDF IconSummer Theater Camp Flyer

PDF IconSummer Theater Camp Registration Form

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