School Children and Their Teacher in a High School Science Class

GEF Summer School, Inc. is committed to providing a healthy and quality learning environment to
allow students to accelerate and enhance their academic program.



Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC)

Summer School 2014 Dates

June 9– July 11 (2nd Semester Begins June 25)

July 4 is a Holiday

Summer School 2014 Tuition

$450 for 10 Units

$225 for 5 Units

Reduced Rate for Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunch:

$350 for 10 Units

$175 for 5 Units

Summer School Course Offerings

Unless labeled, courses are year-long equivalent, 10 credits.

Middle School

Middle School classes will be offered on the high school campuses. Classes will begin and end at the same time as the high school courses. Middle School students will have a separate snack.

  • Introduction to Algebra, with teacher recommendation, approximately 7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Crescenta Valley and Glendale High Schools. This is a highly academic class, 5 hours per day with additional homework.

Enrichment opportunities, tuition at 1 semester, 5 unit rate per class:


  • Orchestra, for 1st period only (7:30-10:15) (not for credit, for students with some instrumental music experience)


  • Art Survey, 1st period (7:45 – 10:10) (not for credit)
  • Ceramics, 2nd period (10:34 – 1:00) (not for credit)

High School

  • Algebra 1A-1B
  • Algebra 2A-2B
  • Geometry 1-2
  • Trigonometry (semester)
  • Economics (semester)
  • English 9-11*
  • Government (semester)
  • Health (semester)
  • Computer Applications (semester)
  • Spanish 3-4
  • Spanish 5-6
  • Art 1-2
  • Biology 1-2
  • Chemistry 1-2
  • US History 1, 2
  • World History 1, 2

* offered to improve the D grade only

Principal Letters

PDFClark Magnet High School Principal Letter

PDFCrescenta Valley High School Principal Letter

PDFDaily High School Principal Letter

PDFGlendale High School Principal Letter

PDFHerbert Hoover High School Principal Letter

PDFVerdugo Academy Principal Letter

Special Restrictions

PDFClark Magnet High School Restrictions

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